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Medical translation and interpreting

Spanish into English and English into Spanish


Services I provide


In cases where human health is at stake, accurate translations are imperative.

As a registered CT technologist with over ten years of experience and a B.S.R.S, I have the specialized knowledge and expertise to meet the highest standards for accuracy.

I am dedicated to seamless multilingual communication, ensuring medical information and concepts are conveyed efficiently and meet industry standards.

In addition to medical translation, I also provide Spanish into English and English into Spanish legal translations.

Examples of documents I translate:


(simultaneous, consecutive, and sight)

Give your foreign patients and clients the peace of mind they seek by enlisting the help of a professional Spanish into English and English into Spanish interpreter. Me!

With hands-on experience in the medical field and an M.A. in Translation and Interpreting, I will convert information from one spoken language to another to clear up confusion and offer clarity. Your patients or clients will feel much more at ease with a native speaker by their side. And don’t worry if I cannot be in the same room – I can interpret from a distance, too (remote simultaneous interpreting).

Aside from medical interpreting, I also provide Spanish into English and English into Spanish legal interpreting if you need me to join you at attorney visits or immigration appointments.

Examples of events I interpret for:

Back translation

For an additional layer of quality assurance for your delicate medical materials, invest in back translation services.

Back translation is the translation of a translated text back to the source language to verify there are no discrepancies between the two texts.

Some Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) and ethics committees require back translation for proof of accuracy.

Using my experience and skills as a healthcare professional and linguist, I can provide the valuable validation you need to certify a text’s accuracy.

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